Saturday, October 4, 2008

If I knew the future...

Over at Jennifer Jackson's Blog, she proposed the question: If you could see the future and knew you would never be published (or published again), would you continue writing?
I only read about half of the, at that moment in time, 74 comments and at least 90% said they would write anyway. However, I think I would be a part of the minority and stop writing.
I am not defined by my writing. It is not my heart and soul to the degree that without it, I would feel empty or bereft. I am a creative person. That defines me, certainly, and without a creative outlet, I would feel unfulfilled. But many ways of expressing oneself creatively exist. I ran my own business as a fashion designer (I trained while living in Italy) for a decade before selling it. I renovated homes for ourselves, family, acquaintances and aquaintances of aquaintances for many, many years. Writing is another step in my life and I am determined to be successful because I think I am good enough to be published and I would love to earn a living (even if not large) from this profession. But if I knew this would never happen, then I would turn in a different direction. Life's too short and there's too much to do to waste time fiddling with words that are just for me. For many of you, that will mean I am not a true writer, but then is the teacher who becomes a pianist not a true teacher? She was while that was her calling but who says we have only one path in life? I know for a fact that I have many and if writing is not to be one, then I will move on. Why torture oneself?


raine said...

You make a very valid point, and I understand what you're saying. Being a writer is certainly not one of the easiest of the creative pursuits.

Personally? I'd probably continue to write, if only for myself. I wouldn't be manic about it, and I, too, have other creative outlets. I do love my drawing and painting. But experience has taught me that I'm more satisfied artistically when I express things with words, even if it's something as simple as a journal.
But I'm silly. I want it all. ;)

Suzanne Perazzini said...

I guess we're all silly us writers. We all want the impossible dream - to earn a living off writing. I don't ever buy lottery tickets so why do I participate in this lottery? The odds may be slightly better but not much.


Jane Bregazzi said...

I'm much the same as you except that my writing is purely a creative outlet (I have never been published, but then I haven't gone down that road). I had a very good critique once from an American writer who thought my future, fantasy novel was well worth airing. That said I've been away from writing for a few years - doing other things - but it is drawing me again so maybe once a writer always a writer!

Stephanie said...

Hey Suzanne,
I'm more like you. I don't think I would write if I knew I would never be published. I started writing for pleasure, but I knew very soon that it was waaaay too much work for me to do it purely for enjoyment. That said, I love the creative aspect of it, but for me it's a job that I enjoy. If I didn't write, I would go back to painting or photography, two hobbies that have gone by the wayside for all the computer time.

Steph, who got here via Subcare :)