Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blogging Elsewhere

For all of Monday I am blogging here:
Because of the time difference, I will only manage three posts throughout the day. I have just posted the first and it's about my journey to publication. Well, not all of it - I don't want to depress anyone - but the succulent points that make up the whole.
Thanks so much to Anna for this opportunity.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saving Tampa by Jo Webnar

This is another great book that has been posted to Authors Promoting Authors:

Saving Tampa

For as long as she could remember, Rachel Cunningham feared and hated her psychic ability. When a strange man accidentally touches her, she sees the death of thousands. Rachel knows the FBI won't believe her, but she has to try. Lives are at stake.Special agent Arrons dismisses her information as a publicity stunt, yet his conscience nags him. When Rachel identifies an Al Qaida cell leader, Arrons puts his career at risk and issues an alert.Together they race against time to prevent a terrorist attack. Will the terrorists' threat succeed, or will Rachel and Arrons find the solution in time to Save Tampa?

To buy this book:

For Jo's website:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Excerpt from Rough Justice

I have been advised by a dear writing friend to post an excerpt from my latest book so here goes:
At the airport, the army roamed everywhere. The trepidation and confusion were palpable. People rushed about, seeking tickets to leave the country, dragging hastily packed belongings. Logan pushed his way through the crowd and directed me to a medical centre where my arm was cleaned and bandaged, and my other injuries checked. He then consigned me to an airport assistant who was to see me safely on board the next plane.
“I have to leave you now. I think I’ll pack up the centre and get out too. It’ll take a couple of days to tie up loose ends, but I want you gone first so I can concentrate on the job.”
His worried face gazed down at me and I felt a sudden vacuum at the thought of leaving him. We had spent less than two days together, but the bond forged by our shared experience was not so easily broken.
His warm hand reached out and his fingers closed around my chin. “Niki, you did well. You’ve got grit.”
“You did well too.” I smiled, but my eyes were heavy with unshed tears.
He leaned forward and kissed me – gently and quickly, his lips brushing mine, then pulled back. But I wasn’t leaving him like that – it wasn’t enough. I put my hand behind his head and brought his face back down and this time, his mouth closed over mine, forcing my lips apart and I could feel his passion glide down through my chest and sink into my pelvis, where it flooded my nerve endings and set my skin alight. I pulled away gasping.
“Wow. Nice.” I pushed my hair back off my forehead and grinned. “Can we do that again sometime?”
Logan smiled and brushed his own hair off his forehead. “I guess we’d better. I know where to find you.” He turned and I watched with a dull ache of longing inside as he disappeared into the crowd.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's already out

Actually, Rough Justice is already available on the Red Rose Publishing website and also at Mobi Pocket. According to the website, it was released 11th September and I didn't even know.
Anyway, here are the links if you wish to purshase it:

This is the blurb:
When Niki's partner, Logan, is kidnapped by poachers in Zambia, she tumbles into the sordid underbelly of a world where survival reigns and animals are sacrificed for financial gain. In order to rescue her man, she will fight all the way to the top and be stunned by what she finds there.

Thanks for your continued support.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Release

I have just received the news that my novel, Rough Justice, will be released by Red Rose Publishing on the 25th September 2008. This is a contemporary action/adventure with a romantic thread. I will tell you more about it on the release date.
Meanwhile you can see it here:

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cindy Jack's New Book

Cindy Jacks has a great new book out today. You will find it here:

If any designer could create a pair of high heels with the power to change a woman's life, Beth Levine would top that list. Join the Red Shoes as they travel through five decades, appearing in each owner's life at the time she faces a personal crossroads. Though the heels appear as inactive bystanders in the dramas that unfold, Taking Off: The Red Shoe Collection, just might leave you saying, "It must be the shoes...."

For an excerpt:

For Cindy's Website:

Saturday, September 6, 2008

5 Favorite Cities

Some time ago, I think I blogged about my favorite places but I haven't actually done my favorite cities. This is very personal because I am not a city lover as I don't like crowds. Therefore my criteria is very different from those who love bustlings cities, bright lights and shopping, which, by the way, I do not enjoy at all. Strange, I know. I will display them in descending order to my number one city.

No.5: Prague, Czech Republic.

I saw this city a couple of years ago and was entranced by its atmosphere, its castle and in particular by its gothic cathedral, St. Vitus, but then again I can't pass a gothic anything without swooning.
No. 4: Ljubjiana, Slovenia.

I mentioned this city a couple of posts ago - about the prison hostel. This city is ancient but also open and clean with the requisite river through the middle lined by cafe and restaurants, oozing with flowers and aromas to die for.

No. 3: Bath, England.

Most English cities and towns have great character attached to them. Bath attracted me in particular for its sense of history, its beauty and the fact that Jane Austen lived here.No. 2: Edinburgh, Scotland.

I've probably mentioned before how much I love Scotland. When I first arrived by plane in Edinburgh, I was immediately captured by the small, identical houses lining the streets - so different from how we live in New Zealand. The centre is charming with its castle and lovely park. I was probably influenced by the sunny days we had there for I have heard it can be rather grim. However, to me it was everything a city should be - small enough to walk around easily, open and spacious, full of glorious gothic churches and of course a castle right in the centre. No 1: Rome, Italy

You already know this is my favorite city because I have told you so a few times. It is so rich in history and art that I walk around in a daze at the beauty of the place. It is a city that vibrates with life and atmosphere and can't help but entrance anyone who visits.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My Study

I thought you might like to see my study. This is where I spend most of time when not at work. I have decorated it to my taste with heaps of bunches of flowers, real and otherwise and my desk is littered with souvenirs from my travels around the world.