Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Great Review

Yes, I'm tooting my own horn. This book has been e-published for quite a while now and a website recently reviewed it without my knowing. My publisher sent me the link.

Miranda from Joyfully Reviewed had this to say:

"Suzanne Perazzini created a unique world in Crash into Darkness. Amber and Jaden have an immediate connection that neither is sure what to do about. It was almost like going to see an action movie. I felt as if I was right in the middle of the action. Just when you think you have it all figured out boom another surprise. The great thing about it to me was it didn’t feel like too much. I wasn’t sitting here thinking ‘yeah right, that’s not plausible’. Crash into Darkness has an amazing ending that I was not expecting, I so love when that happens. Crash into Darkness was an action-packed thrill ride that I found thoroughly enjoyable."

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