Saturday, May 16, 2009

Five Points to Share

1) Writing:
Since the beginning of the year, I have written 8 manuscripts all to page 50 and then my self-confidence dips and I give up to start another. I am now on manuscript 9 and I am at page 125. So three cheers for me. I seem to have broken my own particular kind of writer's block. Mind you, I never stopped writing - I just couldn't get past page 50. I think all the other manuscipts are valid stories and I will return to them but for now I must focus and finish this one. I am aiming at the Juno line which is right up my alley - strong female leads. I have discovered with "Crash into Darkness", my third published book, that I can write paranormal - also an essential element in Juno books. The reason I am blogging less is so I can actually find some time to write. With a family and a full time job, it is a constant struggle and something had to give. That was my web presence. Until I get print published, that will continue to be the case.
2) Inspiration:
We all need inspiration not just as writers but in order to put one foot in front of the other and I have found that in this season's American Idol. I have always watched it and enjoyed it, but this year is different. These kids are so damned talented and no one has picked them up before. How could someone like Adam Lambert, who has been on the music scene for some time, never have been noticed? He has the extreme talent of Elvis, or David Bowie or Sting or ... you get the idea. He is good looking, charismatic, humble and, man, can he sing! He is a true born artist and there are not that many in this world. So how could he be ignored despite the fact that he was putting himself out there?
You might ask how that inspires me. Well, it does. I now get my confidence from his story. I am the undiscovered talent that will one day be picked up if I try long enough. Don't laugh at me. This is what works for me, or, at least, is working at the moment. I can't wait for the final.

3) Work:
The inspiration from number two is also what gets me through the work day. I have reached a point in my job where there are no longer any challenges and I am so bored sometimes I want to evaporate. I hate being cooped up in a cubicle all day, where I can't see the sky. I have only done this kind of office work for two years now. Before, I was a teacher and I could return to it, but it doesn't pay as well as this job, and it is so hard to go backwards in financial terms. I am thinking of retraining, but that would mean time without an income stream, and my husband would take a dim view of that. I feel trapped, as I know many other people do. I have always found in life that there is a solution out there, but this time it is very slow in coming to me. I'll let you know if a bolt of brilliance hits me with the answer.
4) Travel:
Meanwhile I have something to look forward to. In July, my son and I are going to Peru. I will finally see Machu Pichu - a long time dream of mine, as you will know if you follow my blog. I am slightly worried about the altitude sickness that hits many at that height but since the mountain won't come to me, I must go to it. I'll blog about my experience when I get back.

5) Star Trek:
Another place I find inspiration for my writing and for life is movies. Yesterday, I saw Star Trek and loved it. I think almost everyone will enjoy this film, but for those of us brought up with the first TVseries, this is a must see. We know all the characters and learn how they all got together to be on the SS Enterprise. It is a wild ride from beginning to end. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me sigh and it made me sit on the edge of my seat all the way through. This has great growth of character for the leads. The one female lead perhaps a little less but she is tough and compassionate and not really the focus so I will let that pass. And all the actors they chose are so believable as the younger versions of themselves. I was right there with them all the way. Go see it, even if you are not a Trekkie.


raine said...

Welcome back! ;)

1) Glad to hear you're into the new ms. Stay focused! You can do it.
2) I don't watch American Idol, but had the same thought about the British talent, Susan Boyle--how she could go so long without someone discovering how talented she was! I'm not in that league, but it is inspiring.
3) Well, you know how I feel about my job, lol.
4) Takes lotsa pictures. Also a dream of mine.
5) Had planned to see it this weekend, but stuff interfered. I will get there!
(and is there such a thing as someone who's not a Trekkie?!)

Suzanne Perazzini said...

Yes, Raine, Susan Boyle is another example to take inspiration from. Just ridiculous really that no one had ever given her a chance.
I do know about your job and well understand your need to get out in some way.
Let me know what you think of Star Trek when you've seen it.


Footsteps said...

Thanks for sharing what's going on with you, Suzanne. There is ALWAYS a path. I trust you'll find it, work-wise. Your upcoming trip sounds so wonderful!! ~And what a terrific adventure to share with your son!
I envy your writing time. It's been tough creating the necessary "alone time" this year. ~Trying to figure what I can eliminate in favor of more uninterrupted writing.
Congrats on hurdling your fifty page block!

Suzanne Perazzini said...

Thanks, Heather. There is a path but it's so easy to lose in the crazyness of everyday life and then months and even years pass before you find it again. The older you get, the more important it is to stay on track. Time is short.
I hope you too start to sort through the various compartments of life and find time to do what feeds your soul.